The LGBT Travel guide to Mykonos

October 2, 2019

For the past few decades, Mykonos has been a haven for LGBT tourism. The island is actually one of the so-called ‘big 4’ gay summer resort destinations in Europe, alongside Ibiza, Gran Canaria and Sitges in Catalonia. A lot of gay travellers who wish to spend their holidays relaxing in the sun choose Mykonos, as it offers plenty … Continue reading

Art galleries you must visit in Mykonos

September 15, 2019

  Mykonos is a global attraction thanks to its charming Cycladic landscape, inviting beaches and vibrant nightlife. But there is definitely plenty to see on this island if you are a lover of the arts.  Several galleries have opened in the past two decades, featuring some of the best contemporary artists – local and international. Here are some … Continue reading