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The 10 most interesting Mykonos facts

Mykonos is well known for its fabulous weather, beautiful beaches and raging nightlife – but there’s so much more to the island of the winds than meets the eye initially. For example, did you know that the island of Mykonos was a popular pirate (yes, pirate!) hub back in the day?

We’ve collated some of our favourite fun facts about Mykonos so you can get excited ahead of your trip. And who knows, you might even learn some Mykonos history along the way!

1.) There are around 15,000 permanent residents on the island, but during the busy summer months, this can increase up to 50,000. What’s more, there are only 30 taxis operating on the entire island! If you need to get around, our VIP concierge is happy to organise private transportation for you.

2.) There have been a number of movies filmed in Mykonos – from Bourne Identity to Shirley Valentine. So if you pay enough attention, you may just spot the beautiful backdrop of Mykonos town and island on your screen. Here’s a list of the top famous movies filmed in Mykonos.

3.) There are pelicans that roam around the waterfront, and it all goes back to when a fisherman found Petros the pelican, also known as the most famous pelican in the world, after a storm in 1954. He eventually became the locals’ companion, so much so that they established a tradition of pelicans wandering around as an essential part of everyday life.

4.) Mykonos has a strict colour code that requires doors and windows to be painted blue, green or red. This dates back to a tradition where sailors used to paint their doors blue, farmers painted them green and everyone else used red. The houses, on the other hand, are all painted in white – a colour that helps keep homes cool during the hot summer months.

5.) Mykonos used to be a popular destination for pirates to sing, drink and have fun in the 1900s. Interestingly, it was also subject to regular pirate raids due to its location in the Aegean sea – but likely not at the same time!

6.) Greeks know how to throw a wedding party, and Mykonians are no different. If you’ve ever seen the films Mamma Mia or My Big Fat        Greek Wedding, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about! From wedding crowns to large food buffets and dancing until the early morning, attending a wedding in Mykonos should be on everyone’s bucket list. For more information, here’s why you should have a Mykonos wedding.

7.) There are a lot of donkeys on Mykonos, and this dates back to ancient times when they were the faithful work companions of farmers and builders. Most families living in more rural areas owned a donkey and often used them as a means of transport to get around. Traditionally, brides would even ride to the church and back on a donkey.

8.) Throughout history, Mykonos was a rather poor island with limited agricultural resources. Until shortly after World War Two that is – in the 1950s, artists, bohemians, royals and celebrities discovered the Greek island, bringing the tourists with them. The Mykonian windmills are a historical reminder of the island’s agricultural past.

9.) According to historical sources, the city of Mykonos was established in the 11th century by the Ionians from Athens, one of four major tribes in ancient Greece. Back then, the nearby island of Delos had a rather large population, and Mykonos was used as a transit spot when travelling in and out of Delos. Oh, how things have changed!

10.) Mykonos is well known as a hub for culture and art, with Mykonos Biennale held every odd year as a symposium for art and philosophy. Several galleries have opened in the past two decades, featuring some of the best contemporary artists – local and international. If you’re an art lover, then Mykonos will not disappoint.

If we’ve piqued your interest, why not spend this summer on the lovely island of the winds?

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June 2, 2020

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